The Trump administration is on the verge of imploding

 Top officials are contradicting each other on a regular basis. As one would expect when honorable people are confronted with dishonorable acts, the White House is leaking like a sieve.  Lower level Trump campaign staffers who were upset when they didn’t get White House jobs now think they dodged a bullet and those that did are wondering what they have done to themselves.
Flynn was almost certainly acting under Trump’s orders, but even if he was not,Trump knew that that Flynn had spoken the Russian ambassador about sanctions even before Flynn lied to his Vice President who apparently was never in the loop. Yet, it took well over a week for Flynn to be fired for being “disloyal” and therefore untrustworthy. Meanwhile untrustworthy Flynn continued to have access to the nation’s most secret and sensitive intelligence. Just yesterday he was working with Trump on the North Korean crisis and sat in on his daily security briefing.
If Trump is indeed in cahoots with Putin, Putin must be asking himself why he ever got involved with such an incompetent fool.
Cajun     2/14/17

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