The Black Lives Matter movement needs more political savvy

I support the objectives of the Black Lives Matter group; they represent an excellent cause, but some of their tactics have been counter productive. They need to understand that while getting attention to their cause is important, what is more important is what kind of attention they get.

First of all, they need to understand who their allies and their potential allies are and not only try to cultivate them, but also to take care not to tick them them off.

You cultivate your allies by setting up private meetings with them to ask for their unqualified support. That kind of activities may not get your mug on TV, but they can do wonders for advancing your cause. What you don’t to do is treat them as enemies by staging protests at their rallies and try to drown out their speeches.

In particular, you don’t invade one of Bernie Sanders’ events, take the microphone away from him, and tick off his many supporters.

You don’t stage protests at Hillary Clinton rallies or parade around with a Black Lives Matter sign at one of her fund raisers and then send the video to the major TV networks.

You damn sure don’t try to drown out popular former President Bill Clinton because he won’t put up with your BS and will make feel like you need to find a dark hole to climb into.

When Martin Luther King was battling for civil rights, he did not stage protests in the most desegregated cities in the country; he went to where racial hatred was the most concentrated. The young black lives matter people could learn a great deal by studying how those who lead the Civil Right movement actually went about successfully obtaining their objectives.

Cajun    4/8/2016


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