Very Bad News for the GOP

Back on November 6th, right after the mid term elections, I wrote a post entitled “Don’t Despair Democrats” in which I pointed that even with the losing of the Senate to the Republicans, the future was still bright for the Democratic Party.

Therefore, I wasn’t really surprised to find another blog post which argued that even if the wake of the mid term elections, the future is not promising for the Republicans. What did surprise me was that the post which painted a grim future for the GOP was written by died in wool Republican who goes by the handle of GOPLifer. Even before the Republican celebrations died down, Chris Ladd, a columnist for the Houston Chronicle, wrote that the week of the Midterm Elections “was a dark week for Republicans, and for everyone who wants to see America remain the world’s most vibrant, most powerful nation.”

Ladd went on to list all of the reasons why the GOP is in deep and serious trouble going forward. He was essentially telling his fellow Republicans to make some serious changes in the way their party operates if they want their party to stay relevant. The strange thing was that I found that there wasn’t one of his points I disagreed with; he was right on and very insightful in his analysis.

Rather than reprinting his post here, you can click on the following link to go directly to the post on his bog. (You will just have to work through the advertisements.)  “The Missing Story of the 2014 Election”  

Cajun    11/23/14

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