Trump’s Alternate Reality

Recently I watched CNN’s Jake Tapper interview Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s new White House Communications Director, better known in our circles as the new Chief Trumpsplainer.  Based on the interview and Scaramucci appearance at his initial press briefing, it’s pretty clear why he got the job.  He acts as if he idolizes Trump and appears to be ready to defend every aspect of 45’s behavior, no matter how bizarre.  That meshes perfectly with Trump’s narcissistic personality.

At one point of the interview, Tapper brought up Trump’s refusal to admit that the Russians did their best to interfere with the election and asked Scaramucci if he believed the Russians hacked into email accounts and spread fake news to vilify Hillary Clinton.  Scaramucci tried to dance around the question saying that since he doesn’t yet have his security clearance, he could not say for sure if the Russians were the guilty party, and until he could see the evidence himself he would continue to defend the President’s point of view.

Tapper continued to press the subject asking how could Trump possibly continue to refuse to admit publicly (and according to Scaramucci also privately) that the Russians interfered with the election.  He reminded Scaramucci that the head of every intelligence agency, both those appointed by Obama and those appointed by Trump, have testified that Russians and only the Russians interfered with the election.

In a moment of candor, the new communications director said the Trump is sensitive to the fact that admitting that the Russians were involved might serve to delegitimatize his election victory and his presidency.  Of course this answer rings true to anyone who has watched Trump insist over and over again that more three million people voted illegally in an attempt explain his failure to win the popular vote.  Putting aside for a moment the vast number of interlocking connections between the Trump organization and the Russians, this mind set is extremely troubling.

I think that Jake missed a golden opportunity to ask Scaramucci a simple question, “If the President cannot accept a truth that displeases him, how is he the least bit qualified to be Commander in Chief?”  Presidents live in world of unpleasant truths and the first step of dealing with any difficult situation is to acknowledge that it exists.  If the person in the Oval Office lives in his own reality, how can he possibility lead the country through difficult situations?

We shouldn’t have to wait until Robert Mueller proves that Trump campaign colluded with the Russians and the Donald Trump was well aware of everything that was going because he himself is deeply indebted to Russian oligarchs with close ties to Putin.  There are provisions for removing a President from office because he is physically and/or mentally no longer able to do the job. The fact that Donald Trump’s personality defects prevent him living in the real world is reason enough to remove him from office.

Cajun    7/27/2017

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  1. An egomaniac hires a sycophant. A match made in heaven, apparently. Trump demands loyalty above competence and Scaramucci is prepared to be loyal beyond the point of self embarrassment.

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