Trump – Not as Smart as Most Fish

We don’t think of fish as being overly smart, but once a lake or other fishing spot is subjected to a lot of fishing, the fish get much harder to catch. Either because of their own close calls or because they have seen their buddies caught, the fish start shying away from artificial and even live baits.

Yet Donald Trump, who likes to portray himself as mentally superior to us regular human beings, isn’t as bright as fish.  You don’t need a wide assortment of lures in your tackle box when you are fishing for Trump. One standard bait is all you need.  Just have an reputable human beings, like a gold star or a former Ms. Universe, accuse him of some past misdeed, he will swallow not only the bait and hook, but the line and sinker as well.  Then he will damage himself irreparably as he performs verbal acrobatics at the end of the line in an attempt to strike back at the person(s) who originally attacked him.

He simply can’t help himself. He has to strike back.  But what kind of harm will he be able to do when his weapon is no longer just a Twitter account or a microphone and he has at his disposal the entire military and political might of the United States.

I just wish the fish I’m after were as compulsive as Donald Trump.

Cajun   9/30/16

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