Three Republican Myths about Jobs and Wages

I was checking my stock prices on the on the Yahoo Finance website when I came across an article entitled “3 Republican myths about jobs and wages” which I found very interesting. In it author Rick Newman debunks three myths which were referred to often in the recent Republican Financial Debate on the Fox Business Network. These Myths are:  Immigrates are pushing down wages, repealing Obamacare will save jobs, and wages are too high.

These statements have between propagated widely and aren’t often challenged because on the surface they appear to be quite reasonable. However, by digging into the facts, Newman examines each of these seemingly “reasonable” hypotheses to expose the myth beneath.

Rick Newman well qualified in this area. He is the Chief Business Correspondent for US News and World Report. He also writes financial articles for Yahoo Finance and the Huffing Post. He has also written several books including his newest:  “Liberty for all:  A Manifesto for Reclaiming Financial and Political Freedom”.

 Here is the link to the article: “3 Republican myths about jobs and wages”

While you are at it you might also want to check out this article about the Republican entitled: “The 8 Weirdest Economic Ideas of the Republican Debate” by Mark Gimein.

Cajun   11/12/15

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