They Have a Lot Nerve, But Little Sense….

I’m sorry, but I’m a bit ticked right now and it takes quite a lot to get me angry. First Boehner pulls off an unprecedented stunt (and I used the word advisedly) of inviting a foreign head of state to address Congress without even advising the President of the United States before hand. That’s never happened before. What’s worse is that Benjamin Netanyahu’s purpose was to undermine critical negotiations being conducted between Iran and the six most powerful countries in the world (only one of which is the US) on a matter that could plunge the entire Middle East into war. That is not even taking into consideration that the Israeli Prime Minister is a very close election battle back home which he could well lose. It is obvious that one of the prime reasons he came to the US to speak before Congress was to increase his chances of getting elected. Local politics should not be interjected into international diplomacy, but this is exactly what took place on both sides.

This morning I heard that 47 Republican Senators wrote an official letter the leaders of Iran essentially telling them that no matter what is decided to by the seven nations involved in the negotiations, they are going make sure that the United States is not obligated to live by the terms of the agreement over the long term. Again, this has never been done before. Thankfully, seven Republican Senators, including the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Bob Corker, did not sign the letter. But weren’t we led to believe that all of the “crazy”, with the exception of Ted Cruz or course, were in the House and that the Senate was the chamber of “grown up” politicians?

Not only did these idiots try to undermine and insult their President, didn’t they realize that they also could not have made the leaders of Great Britain, France and Germany, some of our most important allies in the world, very happy? After all, they are just as involved and have every bit as much of a stake as in those negotiations as has the US. Don’t those 47 Senators realize that their letter unites them with Iran’s hard line religious zealots who are also desperately trying to derail the negotiations? Is that the kind of allies they want to be pictured with?

We thought that partisan politics had gotten out if hand, but many of us believed that once the Republicans took control of the Senate in addition to the House, they would feel the pressure to demonstrate that they could govern instead of just throwing rocks from the peanut gallery. After all, if they could not prove they could govern, why should the US electorate trust them with the responsibility of the Presidency in the 2016 elections? Well, they have now proven that they hate Barrack Obama more than they care about electing a Republican President.

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