“The Donald’s” Problems Continue to Expand

Donald Trump is having a bad week,  When the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate, both members of the party for which “The Donald” is the presumptive Presidential nominee, both scold him for repeatedly making “racial remarks”,  he should realize that he screwed up big time.  Other Republican leaders are also publicly trying to distance themselves from Trump.

On the other side of the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton locked up the Democratic nomination and, in short order received the enthusiastic endorsements of President Obama.  Vice President Joe Biden and progressive leader, Senator Elizabeth Warren.  In fact, Elizabeth is visiting with Hillary as I write this, possibly discussing joining Hillary’s ticket has her Vice Presidential running mate.  All four have joined in eviscerating Trump in the most scathing terms.  All of this should help Hillary shore up the Democratic base while Bernie Sanders continues his slow, but hopefully graceful, departure from the scene.

So while the fracture in the Republican party grows larger and Trump’s image has taken yet another hit, Clinton is in the uniting the Democrats and left leaning independents behind her.  A bad week for Trump indeed, but this tidbit from the Wall Street Journal and the Yahoo Financial website won’t help:

The Donald Isn’t Paying his Bills

More problems follow presidential candidate Donald Trump. A Wall Street Journal review of court filings shows Trump sometimes refused to pay business owners what they were owed. According to Trump, if the work is okay or bad, he would sometimes cut their payments. Payment disputes are common in the construction industry, but Trump’s withholding of payments stand out as particularly aggressive to many people he’s worked with.


The more American voters begin to understand the real essence of the man named Donald Trump, the more they will come to the conclusion that Trump is concerned only about one person, himself.

Cajun   6/10/16


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