The Dirt on the Trump Campaign’s Collusion with the Russians

If you want to keep up on the latest dirt on Trump and his campaign’s collusion with the Russians, I suggest you check in often on the Twitter page of Huffington Post columnist Seth Abramson. What I found particularly interesting is the series of tweets (you will have to scroll down some) starting with the one with the text, “Here are 10 things about the explosive Washington Post story on Carter Page that only lawyers and #Russiagate analysts would catch”. (Note: Seth follows with far more than 10 tweets on the subject because what follows is many “bonus” tweets on the subject. All of his tweets are “vaary Intaresting”:

Cajun    4/14/17



2 thoughts on “The Dirt on the Trump Campaign’s Collusion with the Russians”

  1. I wonder how the investigation proceeds, or even if it proceeds. The Republican leadership in Congress has demonstrated no real sense of duty to the nation, only to their party’s own self interests.

    Thus, with every important committee headed by a Republican, it is not far fetched to think the lack of an independent investigative body, free from party partisanship, is yet another indicator that these unscrupulous and unpatriotic legislators are just waiting for this to go away.

    If, as most sources indicate, there is so much evidence of collusion by administration figures, including Trump family members, then where is the insistence upon a fair and impartial investigation?

    This nation has not had a government that worked for all of its citizens in quite some time, only for special interests and its own self interest, and that is regardless of which major party was in the majority. It is long past time for our electorate to see this glaring injustice and work to end it.

    We need third party presence in our governance.

    1. This statement in your comments, “We need third party presence in our governance”, doesn’t make any sense. You are right about the Republicans currently controlling both houses of Congress. However, a “third party presence” – and knowing your politics I think it is fair to assume you mean a far left third party presence – would take seats away from Democrats. (Far left candidates are certainly not going to win in states/congressional districts where the seats are currently held by Republicans.) You are talking about third party candidates beating out Democrats to take their seats. So how in the hell is that going to help.

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