The Arrogance of Donald Trump

Donald Trump just fired FBI Director James Comey, the man who was directing the investigation into the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russian intelligence officials who were trying to throw the Presidential election his way.  Not is it arrogant for the President of the United States to dare to fire the director of the agency investigating him, what throws this action over the top is Trump’s obvious belief that he can sell us the lie that he fired Comey for mishandling the Clinton email investigation.  At the time, Trump praised Comey for his courage for coming forward and reveled in the damage that was caused to the Clinton campaign by Comey announcement.  The fact that Trump believes he can convince us of that lie is the height of arrogance.  Donald Trump must believe that we are stupid and totally under informed.  That is an insult to every American.

Cajun    5/9/2017

One thought on “The Arrogance of Donald Trump”

  1. While it seems that Comey was fired more for the FBI investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia’s attempts to sway the election in his favor the irony lies in the fact that Comey deserved to be fired. But , with such an investigation ongoing this firing seems a blatantly self serving act on our orange headed demagogue in chief.
    I suspect strongly that the next Director will back away from that ongoing, and very serious , search for the facts in the matter. There are several impeachable offenses should evidence be unearthed after all.
    How many such instances of Trump’s unfitness for office will come to light without seeming to impact those who support him?

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