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More Deplorables Move to Support Roy Moore

Just three weeks ago Mitch McConnell forcibly stated that he believed Roy Moore’s accusers and that the man was not morally fit to serve in the US Senate. “I believe the women, He’s obviously not fit to be in the United States Senate, and we’ve looked at all the options to try to prevent that from happening.”McConnell also called for Moore to drop out of the Alabama Senate race and insinuated that if Moore were to win, the Senate would move to remove him from office.  McConnell’s sentiments were echoed by many Republican Senators and establishment Republican politicians.  Now, only a week before the Alabama special election, McConnell has made a 180⁰ turn and is saying, “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”  Other Republicans have also followed suit and quietly reversed their positions on Moore.

In addition, the National Republican Committee, which earlier withdrew its support and funding of Moore’s campaign due to the numerous accusations by Alabama women of Moore’s abuse of them as teenagers, has also made a slithering U-turn to support Moore.  It comes as no surprise that their reversal was first announced by Breibart News, the “news source” of choice of deplorables everywhere. The NRC’s reversal means that the committee’s money will be used to support Moore’s campaign.

Why the change of so many hearts?  Well, it comes as no surprise that all of these reversals on Moore have come immediately after Trump’s recent full-throated endorsement of Moore.  Apparently, Moore votes on upcoming Senate legislation are more important to Trump than setting the proper moral tone as leader of our country. (Absolutely no surprise there.)  Moore must also remind Trump of another pervert who was elected after denying the sexual molestation accusations of numerous credible women.  It also illustrates in no uncertain terms that Republican politicians are deathly afraid of Trump and his deplorable supporters and that they are willing to sell the soul of the Republican Party to appease him. I betting that doesn’t serve them well in future general election.

It also points to disturbing pattern.  Men in leadership positions in all walks of life accused of using their power to abuse women have been systematically removed from their positions.  However, Republican politicians apparently believe that if they stonewall the accusations they can win elections anyway because their supporters are stupid enough and/or immoral enough to vote for them anyway.  Too often they have been right.  This is a trend that must be reversed.

Where does that leave the rest of us.  Well as of now Doug Jones, the extremely well qualified candidate who is opposing Moore, has had a slight lead in the most recent polls.  However, he is now going to face a united Republican Party which is going to pour money into Moore’s campaign.  In one of the reddest states in the country, this is a daunting challenge even with Moore’s reputation as “God’s candidate” trampled in the mud.

I can’t stand around and do nothing.  I recently retired, and though all indications are that my wife and I will be financially comfortable in retirement, I have been recently following a “no contributions to anything” rule until I fully understand my new financial situation without a steady salary. However, in this case I am making an exception.  I just made a contribution to Doug Jones’ campaign through ActBlue.com.  Perhaps, if we all chipped in with modest amounts (even a few dollars would help) to help defeat Roy Moore we can strike a blow to Trump and his deplorables and we can make this country a saner place to live.

If you want to join me in this effort, go to https://secure.actblue.com/directory which will open up their directory of current political races.

  • In the “Candidates for” box click on “US Senate”.
  • On the new page you will see listed first, “AL Senate – Doug Jones”. Click on “Contribute”.
  • On the new page you can enter the amount of your contribution and click “Contribute”.

(If you are already a member of ActBlue, which is a vehicle for making contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates, before registering your contribution you can click on the “Log In” button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.  If the site has already has a record of your credit card information you won’t have to enter it to make your contribution.)

Let’s strike a blow to deplorables everywhere and at the same time reduce the Republican’s majority in the Senate to one vote which will greatly reduce the probability that they will be able to destroy health care in this country and make large corporations and the 1% richer at the expense of the rest of us.

Cajun     12/5/2017