Sanders assumes that adopting a socialist platform would be best for the party

I am not using the word “socialist” in a derogatory manner here. My purpose is simply to point out that socialism is not ideology that the vast majority of Americans voters are ready to embrace. A major political party cannot adopt far left or far right ideologies without expecting be shunted aside as irrelevant by the American electorate. Those on the far right and the far left may be the loudest and most passionate, but they still only represent relatively small slices of the electorate.

This country’s economy has always has been and probably always will be based on free market principles. Trying to change that basic trait is exercise in futility. What progressives should concentrate on is equipping our government with the ability to curb the excesses of the free market which hurt people like you and me and especially those who are the most vulnerable among us and to make the free market work for all Americans. Far instance, the poor should not be left to fend for themselves and big banks should not be allowed to to take risks which could ruin our economy again.

One does not have to be a socialist to be a progressive. I try to live by the principle “moderation in all things”. It is time for more moderate progressives to stand up and be counted. I am tired of attempts by “real progressives” to shame me because I am not progressive enough when it is they who have adopted untenable positions.

Cajun       7/2/2016

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