Republican Leaders Believe in Climate Change?

I just saw an amazing video. I was checking out the posts on a website that I recently found on line called Democratic Underground.  I came across one post where someone had incorporated video which contained clips of nationally known Republicans acknowledging that climate change is real, that it is happening now, and that it is caused at least in part caused by human activity. In many many of these clips these Republicans even admitted that we need to do something about the problem.

The video contains clips George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Tim Pawlenty, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and John Boehner talking in a positive manner about the realities of global warming. There are several clips of John McCain and Newt Gingrich, both of whom are evidently big advocates of immediately addressing challenges of climate change. Even Sarah Palin gets into the act. Now that is really amazing.

I have to admit it is refreshing to see that some important Republican political leaders are not sticking their heads in the sand and pretending that the problem doesn’t exist and/or arguing there is nothing we can do about it because it isn’t caused by human activity. However, I invite you to contrast these positions with the current statements of the hoard of Republican contenders for the Presidency as they try to encourage the radical right wing base of their party to vote for them.

Here is the link on YouTube: Republicans Believe in Climate Change?

Cajun   6/17/15

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