Regardless of Our Views – This Is Not Who We Are

It is becoming quite clear the person responsible for the Alexandria, Virginia mass shooting was politically motivated.  His on line rants about Donald Trump and his Republican allies indicate that it is very likely that the man who tried to kill multiple people peacefully practicing baseball did so specifically because they were Republican Congressmen.  Had it not been for the presence and bravery of two Capital Hill police officers who happened to be on the scene, he probably would have killed even more Congressmen and their aides before he was stopped.

I have every reason to believe though my political views may differ drastically from the Congressmen on that baseball field and I often deplore their actions, they love our country as much as we do and the majority are trying to represent their constituencies as best they can.

Far too often here lately I have seen others who also believe Trump to be the worst President in history suggest that if he and/or the Republicans in Congress who support him came to unfortunate ends, they would not be at all sorry. I know that the vast majority post such comments only in abstract, not actually suggesting or advocating actual violence. However such comments can have the affect of encouraging the crazies who populate any group of considerable size to commit violence. As we often say about the tweets of Trump – words matter, they matter a lot.

No, don’t misunderstand me – I am not suggesting for a second that anyone is responsible the actions of the obviously very troubled shooter except for the man himself, and it remains to be determined whether he was responsible for his own actions.  However, I believe it is incumbent on every one of us to dial back the rhetoric a bit and stay away from any comments which might be construed by the unstable to suggest violence.  Obviously, incidents like this do not help our cause.

Cajun   6/14/17

One thought on “Regardless of Our Views – This Is Not Who We Are”

  1. Obviously, partisan politics, aside this incident is deplorable to all responsible citizens. Just as obvious, this shooter was a disturbed individual who should have had access to a mental health professional.

    Having said that I think it appropriate to comment upon the rise in violence, in hate crimes especially, that are plaguing our nation. While violent crime overall is in decline the incidents of those characterized as “hate crimes” is on the rise.

    I have given much thought to this phenomenon and , while certainly no expert, I have an opinion. 16 years of war and counting must have some affect upon our citizenry, and that includes those needs left begging because we are spending trillions on war instead of infrastructure and the needs of our population in many important areas.

    I also see a president who preaches hatred, separatism, blatant bigotry ( remember, his father was an open member of the KKK) without consideration to how his hate speech resonates with members of our communities.

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