Petition: Trump should undergo a mental health evaluation

There is a new petition on the White House website “We the People” page:

Trump should undergo a mental health evaluation by a team of psychiatrists; the results should be made public 

It is a Constitutional requirement and vital to the well-being of our nation that the President of the United States be mentally fit. The 25th Amendment states that if the “President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” he must be replaced by the Vice President. Donald Trump has, since he has taken office, shown many signs of mental instability including: 1) an inability to accept basic facts; 2) repeated statements that bear no relation to reality; 3) prolonged periods of rage. It is imperative that, for the good of the nation, President Trump undergo an extensive mental health evaluation by a team of psychiatrists selected by the American Psychiatric Association. The results of that evaluation should be made public.


I signed it and I invite you to sign it as well.   However, please note the counter that normally indicates how many people have signed the petition  indicated “1 Signed” both before and after I verified my signature.  I think that someone in the White House doesn’t want it known how many people are concerned with the President’s mental health, or lack there of, and has set the counter not to record additional signings.  Please ask your favorite media outlet to investigate.

Cajun     2/3/2017

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