OMG! Sara Palin Might Have Been President!

I guess by now everyone has heard and/or read about the brawl involving Sara Palin’s family back in early September. If you haven’t, here is a very condensed version: The Palins, Sara, her husband Todd, their son Track, and two of their daughters Bristol and Willow arrived at a birthday party in white stretch Hummer limousine. After much beer was consumed by all, approximately 20 people were involved in brawl and the police were eventually called. Apparently all of the Palin family, with the possible exception of Sara, were physically involved in the ruckus. Bristol, evidently very drunk, was accused by several witness of slugging the owner of the house where the party was held six times in the face after he asked her to leave. Track ended up shirtless and bloody with cuts and bruises on his face. Willow was pushed down at some point and several people felt the need to pile on Todd. Apparently Sara only contribution to the commotion was to shout, “Do you know who I am!” Afterwards most of the party goers we not happy that the Palins dropped by.

If you want to read the sordid details, here is a link:–abc-news-politics.html

I guess this will put a dent in Palin’s all American family image and wreak Sara’s all American wife and mother reluctantly turned politician persona. It’s hard to believe that that she could successfully run for any respectable office after that fiasco. Then again, after she resigned as Alaska’s Governor in midterm it became evident that Sara was more intent on leveraging her two month’s of fame as the Republican’s Vice Presidential candidate into wads of cash from book deals and speaker fees rather than again throwing her hat in the ring for public office.

One has to wonder however, whether episodes like this are ultimately going to put a damper on Sara ability to wring loads of cash from her devoted followers. At least in public her religious right devotees have to be suitably appalled at the family’s behavior, but will ultimately forgive them. After all, folks who can convince themselves that Bristol can dance can talk themselves into just about anything. The old Tea Partiers in their tri-cornered hats will probably ignore the affair as long as Sara keeps preaching that all government spending is evil, except of course their spent on their social security checks. The incident is sure to raise the status of Palin family in the eyes of Sara’s redneck followers. After all, everyone likes people who are just like them .

While some ordinary people may be shocked that such prominent people were involved is such a sordid affair, I’m not. It has been obvious for sometime that Todd is redneck and Sara likes to advertise her “tough as nails, don’t mess with mama bear” persona. So its not surprising that their kids didn’t turn out to be well mannered, well behaved ladies and gentleman, especially when they have been drinking. So I’m not shocked, but I am grateful, on behalf of the entire country.

Just think, had John McCain defeated Barack Obama, Sara Palin might still be Vice President. Worst yet, John, who is now 78, might have succumbed to the rigors and pressures of the office by now and Sara could be President and her brood the First Family. Well, at least press couldn’t complain that they didn’t have any juicy nuggets to write about and the rest of the world would have ample reason to look down their collective noses at us. Thank good for small favors.

Cajun   10/10/14


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