My Message to a Trump Troll

When looking for proof that “deplorables” indeed exist in large numbers within the ranks of Trump supporters, we need go no further than the Trump  trolls who spend their time infesting the internet, looking for opportunities to harass anyone who complains about the dangerously incompetent currently occupying the White House.

Recently one of these trolls infiltrated a closed anti-Trump group to which I belong on Facebook intent on doing nothing more than causing havoc.  One troll in particular would reply to every post with a series of pro-Trump images, many of which used language I refuse to reprint on this blog.  Apparently the administrator of the Facebook group wasn’t paying close attention because many requests from members to remove the troll from the group went unheeded.  My only option was to block him in Facebook, but I wanted to express my feelings first so I posted this message in the group:

TO (name of troll):  Before I block you I wanted to comment what a sad little man you are to spend your time trolling this site. When someone like you spends his time trying to make others uncomfortable, it indicates that you have something deeply warped inside. In addition, you reinforce the impression of those who dislike Trump that all of his followers are deplorable @$$wipes like you.

While I know that not all Trump supporters deplorable, that you are simply one of the worse of your breed, I take comfort in knowing that your trolling actually quickens the day when the Republicans will lose control of one or both houses of Congress. Your actions help get the most passionate among us stoked up to vote, to get others to the poles, and to volunteer for and give money to campaigns.

If Republicans lose one or both houses of Congress in 2018, Trump’s reign of terror will effectively come to an end – Republican legislation will go nowhere. If the Republicans lose the House, Trump will probably be impeached and since his popularity is in the tank, most of the country will applaud.

So instead of pointing out that you’re acting like spoiled re-teen playing on the internet, I guess I should be thanking you.  But then again you are still a disgusting troll. Don’t bother replying; I won’t read your anything more that you post.  Since it is apparent that you are currently constantly monitoring this page, I will give you a few minutes to read this before I block you permanently.

I am not sure that the troll actually read my message before I blocked him, but it just felt good to get it out of my system.  However, the message apparently represented the feelings of many other members of the group because it got a lot of likes and loves and replies of thanks.  Please feel free to send it to your “favorite” Trump troll.

Cajun     1/4/18

One thought on “My Message to a Trump Troll”

  1. As one who regularly participates in progressive forums on the net I am exposed to the sort of narrative you posted . It seems clear that new technologies present new problems . Whether organized or not, and i do believe that at least some of the sort of behavior you noted is, indeed, an organized effort to distract, distort and divide.

    I am a quarrelsome sort I readily admit, and have a penchant for exposing, even humiliating, the posters who demonstrate this sort of behavior. I do not say this with pride only as an admission. I must add that there are a number of such individuals across the spectrum of political beliefs and they are certainly not limited to the right.

    I have come to believe that, after an honest effort to express alternate opinion, usually eliciting a nasty response, blocking is the best option.

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