My Biggest Fear this Election Season

My biggest fear is that Donald Trump will eventually hire a campaign manager who will actually be able to persuade him to become a dignified, disciplined candidate and to stay on message until the election.

First of all, were is the fun in that? I get a lot of amusement these days out of the way this clown is continually sabotaging his own campaign. Just when I think he can’t morally sink any lower, he surprises me again.  Every time I think he can’t stomp on his own message any harder, he buys bigger boots.

Secondly, If Trump doesn’t continue to remind his potential followers what a narcissistic, egotistical racist he is, he might be able to expand his base beyond the ignorant rednecks who are supporting him now.  He might even be able get himself elected and we already know what a disastrous President he would be.

If the feces throwing baboon does magically morph into a serious candidate, hopefully there are already enough clips of of him making an ass of himself to remind folks of real Trump they will get after the election.

However, I am beginning to believe Trump can never pretend to be anyone but himself for any extended period of time.  His is so egoistical that he truly believes that he alone knows how to sell himself and so he will always return to the act he has been putting on his entire life, because that is who has truly become.

Cajun       8/2/2016

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