More United Passengers Come Forward with Horror Stories

Apparently the passenger dragged of a United Airlines flight is not the only one mistreated by the company. 
They even threw their best customers off of their flights without adequate compensation. That’s just plain stupid. This passenger is president of an investment firm that handles more than half a billion dollars in real estate and is a member of United’s frequent flyer program. He was in a first class seat of a flight from Hawaii to Los Angles for which he paid full fair when he was told his seat was needed for a “higher priority passenger”. When he refused to leave the aircraft he was told he would be removed in handcuffs if necessary.
His story is told here:
This lady was seated with her young daughter on a United flight when flight attendants guided a obviously drunk man down the aisle and deposited him in the aisle seat next to her.  The man immediately started groping her and wouldn’t stop.  She complained to the flight attendants who said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do.
Her story is told here.
And of course there were the young girls who were not allowed to board a United flight because they wore leggings.

United Airlines Refused to Let Passengers on Board Wearing Leggings

United Airlines apparently has rigid rules that their employees must follow, even when they make no sense and have no regard for the well being of their passenger.  Unless they have a complete overhaul of how they treat their customers, United are going to be in bankruptcy again soon and next time the company may not survive.

Cajun   4/14/17

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