More BS from the White House

Every morning when I check my email inbox I find a message entitled “Your 1600 Daily”.  Obviously is a message sent from the Trump White House.  I never asked for this daily propaganda and apparently no one is reading my replies requesting that I be taken off of the distribution list.  (They must be using President Obama’s old list which means they are probably just aggravating Obama supporters.)  Also, no one seemed to be paying any attention when I reverted to answering these unwanted emails with the words, “(expletive deleted) Trump”.  I half expected to find a Service Service agent at my door.

Normally, aside from sending those off color replies on an infrequent basis, I pay no attention to these emails and promptly delete them, but the  opening line of the  one that I received this morning caught my eye.   (See the content in italic font below .)  I am struck by the apparent belief of this administration that they can continually feed the American public loads of bull manure and that we will all be stupid enough to swallow it whole.

Surely they aren’t that stupid, though some times I wonder. Apparently they are really only interested in providing some shred of logic which Trump’s adoring supporters can defend and internalize and which offer the smallest of fig leafs behind which Republican politicians can hid while continuing to support the lies which to pour forth from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on a regular basis.  When Trump is impeached or his term is completed, the new President is going to have to operate out of the Blair House for a while while they fumigate and totally wash down every inch the White House.  It will still take a while to remove the stench .

White House Memo
In order to restore the public confidence in the FBI, President Donald J. Trump accepted the recommendation of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and removed FBI Director James Comey from his position yesterday. It was a necessary move to reinstitute faith in America’s crown jewel of law enforcement after a series of high profile and political missteps. The search for new leadership that restores public trust and confidence in the FBI’s vital law enforcement mission will begin immediately.

President Trump’s Daily schedule


10:30AM: President Trump meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

This was followed by a picture of the “Second Family’s” pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo, who visited the White House yesterday and links to carefully selected news articles complementary of Trump.  (I wonder if the “Second Family” term applies to the VP’s family or that of Ivanka and Jerrod.)  Also included was news of the VP’s daily exploits.  There may have been more, but I had quit reading by that point.

Can you believe that Trump was stupid or arrogant enough to meet with Russian diplomats while everyone is still shocked that he fired the man who was investigating him and his administration for collusion with the Russians?  That is truly amazing when you think about it.

As we have learned from the press reports which are already pouring forth on a frequent basic, the integrity of the FBI was the last thing on Trump’s mind while he was searching for an excuse to fire James Comey.  It will be interesting to see how long some Republican lawmakers will continue to risk their integrity and reputations by continuing to back the reasoning behind Trump’s decision as the truth becomes better known to the American public.

Cajun     5/11/2017


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  1. I am not a qualified mental health professional, I want to make that perfectly clear from the onset.
    But does one have to be such in the face of the numerous disturbing acts Trump continually commits?
    I believe article 25 of our Constitution was designed specifically to deal with this eventuality; a president so obviously “disturbed” as to make it impossible for him to carry out his responsibilities as president.

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