Melania Trump is an Illegal Immigrate

Donald Trump made his fight against illegal immigration the hallmark of his campaign and now we learn that the Associated Press has uncovered definitive proof  that his wife,  Melania,  lied to immigration officials when she applied to enter the United States on a visitor’s visa.  The Associated Press has uncovered solid evidence that Melania Trump entered the United States illegally because she was paid for 10 modeling jobs before she applied for and received a H-1B work via.

It is illegal for a person in this country on visitor’s (B1/B2) visa to work for pay.  The fact that she was paid for those modeling job means she lied to immigration officials about her reasons for entering the country.  It also means that technically the US Government can revoke her citizenship and throw her out of the country and never allow her to return.

Is this the worst crime in the world – no. Will Melania be thrown out of the country – probably not. But it is certainly more than ironic and totally undercuts Trump’s message on illegal immigration because his own wife was an illegal immigrate.

Trump undoubtedly has known about this for time which would make his entire fight against height of hypocrisy.  If he didn’t, if she keep this hidden from him all of these years, shouldn’t he now insist that the government revoke his wife’s citizenship and throw her out of the country?

If he didn’t know about it previously, it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall the next time Donald and Melania are alone together.  Of course, he might never get a chance to bring the subject; he might be too busy trying to defend himself.  By then Melania will surely have read the Wall Street Journal’s story about her husband’s affair from 2006 to 2007 with Karen McDougal, Playboy’s 1998 playmate of the year, when Melania and Donald were newly married.

Some should start a over/under betting pool about how long Trump’s marriage will last if he loses the election.

Here is the link to the AP article:  Melania Trump modeled in the US prior to getting a work visa

And here is the link to the Wall Street Journal Article: Report: National Enquirer bought rights to Trump affair story, but never published

I am waiting to see if the major TV networks have the guts enough to publicize these stories.  If they can give days of coverage to a revelation that more emails “might” have been found,  they should certainly highlight these stories as well, especially the one about how the wife of a Presidential candidate broke immigration federal laws.

Cajun     11/4/2016

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