Jill Stein – Totally unqualified to be President

I guess anyone, even someone the grossly unqualified, can run for President of the United States if they are over 35 and a natural born citizen of this country

Jill Stein proves that point. The biggest organization she has ever run is her medical practice and she probable hired a office manager to handle that job. She has run for Governor of the State of Massachusetts (twice), the House of Representatives, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and now President of the United States (for the second time). In each of her previous races she was of course defeated by HUGE margins.

The only political post Stein has ever held is one of 21 elected Representatives to the Town Meeting in her home town of Lexington, Massachusetts which has a total of 31K residents. There also 10 at large Representatives to the Town Meeting including the 5 Selectmen who actually run the town of Lexington along with a Town Manager. Town Meetings in Lexington are held on average twice a year and the 31 Representatives deal mainly with allocating the town’s budget and dealing with zoning issues. Stein was first elected a Representative in 2005 when she received at total of 539 votes, 20.6% of the total. she was re-elected in 2008, finishing second of 13 vying for eight seats

So the Green Party’s candidate for President’s only political experience has been running for offices she had absolutely no chance of winning and holding a relatively unimportant political position in a small town. She has no experience in management or in state or national office, yet she seeks to become the most important chief executive in the entire world. If, by some miracle of miracles, Jill Stein were to be elected to be President of the United States, she would be in a state of shock her entire term. To say that she is totally unqualified for the office is a whopper of an understatement.

Those who vote for her cannot in good conscious claim that they are voting for the best candidate. They need to admit to themselves that theirs is a cope out, protest vote. They might as well vote for Mickey Mouse, or Minnie if they want to vote for a female.

 Cajun     7/12/2016

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