It’s not about winning for Sanders any more…It’s about the Revolution!

But think about this – who is the bright, young, charismatic socialist in the wings with at least passable credentials who ready to lead the revolution when Sanders is no longer on the scene?  Hillary Clinton will probably be the President for the next 8 years; who will lead the revolution when it comes time to elect the next President.

Sanders’ most zealous supporters can’t give up the fight, even though deep down they must know it is over, because this was a once in a lifetime chance for them.  All Sanders himself can do is continue to try to pull Clinton to the left for as long as possible before he has to leave the campaign scene and join up to make sure Trump doesn’t win the Presidency.  I truly believe that was his original objective when he threw his hat in the ring.

The Revolution is on life support, but will still cling to life as long as possible.

 A minority of voters can never stage a “revolution”.  Sanders could not win even the majority of the Democratic party voters. He did best in caucuses where enthusiasm counts more than numbers. Among independents his strength among was mostly among those who are too liberal to be Democrats and some of them will go back to voting for the Green Party. Moderate independents who supported Sanders never fully understood what Sanders’ “freebees” would cost them in terms of taxes on the middle class. When faced with reality, they would have bolted.  And of course you can forget about right leaning independents, Republicans and the Tea Party zealots.

The Revolution was shaky footings before it started; we are just getting around to noticing it now. Whether we like it or not this country is, and probably always will be a center weighted nation. Throughout our history popular sentiment has swung to the left and then to the right and back again many times like a pendulum, but never too far to the right or too far to the left before reversing directions. Radical courses have always been rejected by the American voters except under the direst of circumstance and we are seeing yet another example of that now.

 All we can hope to do as progressives is move in realistic, incremental steps towards building a better world for everyone, even those who are least able to fend for themselves.

Cajun     5/17/2016

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