I’ll Bet Rudy Giuliani Is Angry as Hell

Did Rudy Giuliani want the Secretary of State in Trump’s Cabinet?  You know he did.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit it someone has secret video of Rudy on his knees kissing Donald’s feet as he begged for the job.  In the latest version of the reality show, “The Apprentice, Phase 3 – The Cabinet Picks”, Giuliani made a public play for the job.  In spectacle rarely seen in this setting allies like Kellyanne Conway publicly lobbied for him.  In an interview, Giuliani himself strongly implied he was the best qualified.

Now we know why Rudy, formally idolized as “America’s Mayor” for his service in New York City during the 9/11 crisis, took on the lowly job of being the chief Trump-plainer during The Donalds’s tumultuous Presidential campaign.  Regardless how outrageous Trumps latest behavior, statement, or Tweet, there was Rudy Giuliani on CNN turning himself into a human pretzel as he tried to explain away his friend’s ridiculous behavior. Surely he knew that everyone was aware that he was spouting BS of the highest order.  In the wake of the Access Hollywood tape reveal, there was the former federal prosecutor doing verbal gymnastics on the cable news show trying to defend the indefensible and labeling the numerous women who accused Trump of sexual assaults as opportunistic liars.  Surely Giuliani didn’t continually act the fool just because Trump was his long time buddy. ‘

You know that the subject had to have come between Trump and Giuliani early on.  It was plain that Rudy believe the job was his for the taking, his just reward for playing the part of Trump’s court jester. There had to be a reason for his confidence.

Giuliani was a close confident and advisor of Trump from very early stages of the campaign. Time and time again he must have watched Trump lie on every conceivable subject and make promises to his supporters that he never had any intention of keeping.  Surely he realized that Trump told so many lies that he couldn’t keep them all straight, so contradicted himself all of the time.  Why then did Rudy Giuliani believe that any promises Trump made to him would be kept?  One would think that someone as politically savvy as Giuliani would be smarter than that.

And yes, Giuliani is obviously angry.  Soon after the media determined that he would not get the Secretary of State job, he publicly announced that he had withdrawn his name from consideration for any position in the upcoming Trump administration.  Unnamed sources within the Trump transition team have made it clear that Giuliani was offered other cabinet jobs, including the coveted Attorney General post, a job which would appear to be the best match of his talents.  The fact that he passed on that plum position is a strong indication that Rudy Giuliani is indeed really ticked off.

However, I can’t feel the least bit of compassion for Rudy Giuliani.  I used to respect him, but during the campaign he revealed himself to be a first class AH.  And while I am sure he blames Trump for his betrayal, he needs stand in front a mirror until he figures out who’s really to blame.  Never trust a con man!

Cajun    12/10/2016

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