I feel sorry for Sanders’ “true believers”

By “true believers” I am referring to the real zealots in the Bernie Sanders’ fan club. They are the ones who spend hours trying to manipulate internet polls, harass people on line, try to shut down the expression of opinions contrary to their sainted candidate, and attempt terrorize super delegates.

I truly feel sorry for them. Sure they tick me off just as they do many other Hillary Clinton supporters, but how can one not feel sorry of people who are so unhappy and distrustful of our political system.

Many of Sanders’ most obnoxious fans are true believers of the far left and they exhibit many of the inherent symptoms:

– They feel ideologically pure

– They won’t compromise

– They are not into reality if it disagrees with their objectives or their view of the world

– They are all or nothing people so they are disdainful of incremental progress.

– They are never happy with the political system because they can’t change it without compromise and they disavow incremental progress so their efforts almost always fail.

– They are into conspiracy theories because they continue to fail so there must be someone or some thing that is conspiring to block their efforts.

They are driven by a revolutionary zeal for dramatic change which they can never bring about so they are never content, so they are never truly happy. While their behavior drives me up a wall, I feel sorry for anyone who chooses to live that way.

Cajun   5/8/2016

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