I don’t think that the greatest danger to the Democratic Party is the GOP

And I don’t think that the greatest danger to the GOP is the Democratic Party. The greatest danger to both parties comes from within their own ranks, or from the allied independents who consider themselves too pure ideologically to be Demarcates or Republicans.

It is the far left and far right zealots who are determined to drag the major parties to their extremist positions, regardless of the costs, who most endanger the major political  parties and the American political system. The more radicalized the major parties become, the less effective they will be in governing. We have already seen the stifling gridlock in Washington. The further to the major parties are pushed to the left and to the right, the less chance there will be that they can cooperate to solve our nation’s most pressing problems.

Most moderate Democrats and Republicans don’t tend to be loud and passionate, but it is time that we must stand up, raise our voices, and be counted or we will be overrun by our more passionate, far less numerous associates.

Cajun     7/3/16

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