Donald Trump Screws Up – Insults Warren

In my opinion the master of insults just made one of the biggest mistakes of his short and unconventional political career. Elizabeth Warren baited him by calling him out on Twitter and Trump took the bait – hook, line and sinker. The insults are still flying back and forth between the two and I expect that Elizabeth won’t let up. By engaging Warren (the hero of the liberal wing of the Democratic party) in a Twitter war, Trump is sure the stir up the animosity from many who were Bernie Sanders’ supporters who are also among Elizabeth Warren’s biggest fans.

A common refrain among media talking heads has been, “No one will turnout Democratic voters like Donald Trump”. In a very crafty move Warren is using Trump’s proclivity to insult any and everyone who in any way attacks him to unite the Democratic Party and left leaning independents behind Hillary Clinton in a way no one else can.

Here’s a link:
Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump go after each other on Twitter

Cajun     5/7/2016

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