Donald Trump, Real Entertainment

The morning news on my favorite cable network has become real entertainment. I don’t ever remember enjoying the antics of someone with an ego the size of Manhattan. It’s amazing to watch the other 15 Republicans candidates squirm as he dominates the airways, stealing supporters from just about everyone and causing “establishment” candidates to fret about the damage Trump is doing to their party. The very thought of Trump as a possible third party candidate causes their blood to freeze. My only concern is that Trump will say something that will turn off his most ardent supporters.

However, the Donald, who is not only leading in the polls, but almost doubling Jeb Bush in support, is simply exposing the ugly underbelly of the GOP – its radical far right base. The tea party zealots, religious fundamentalists, and racists are sick and tired of “moderate” Republicans who pander to them with slick rhetoric in the primaries than pivot to the center in order to broaden their appeal for the general election.

The Republican Party’s problem is not Donald Trump, it is the people who make up the beating heart of that party.

Cajun     7/22/15


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