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The CR – Why I Support the Decision of the Senate Democrats

First of all, if Senate Democrates had refused to agree to the compromise CR, it is very likely that the they would have been blamed for the continued government shut down by the average voter. To win this battle we had to regain the high ground. Agreeing to allow this CR to pass allows us to do just that.

In addition, this isn’t a terrible deal for several reasons. We got CHIPS funding for 6 years and the CR only lasts until 2/8, a little over two weeks. In order for the government to stay open past the 8th, the Democrats will have to agee to another CR and can virtually dictate how many days that CR will run. That allow them to regain the leverage they gave away today. If the Senate can’t agree to compromise immigration bill by the 8th, McConnell is on record promising to take up an immigration bill on the Senate floor under regular order. On the other hand, If McConnell lied, the government will be shut down again and it will be the the Republican’s fault.

If the Senate agrees on a compromise bill before the 8th, well and good. If not, a compromise bill including DACA bill will pass the Senate after the 8th. If Ryan won’t bring compromise bill up for a vote in the House, or if it fails in the House, it’s the Republican’s fault if the government is shut down again. If a bill passes in the House, and Trump won’t sign it, it will be Trump’s fault if the government is shut down again.

This is politics. The game is getting what you want while avoiding the blame for what you have do to get there. It is also trying to insure at the same time that the blame is put on the other guy if you fail. You don’t have to like it, but that is how this very serious game is played in Washington. You have to know when to press and then know when to take a step back and let the the other guy seem like he is winning until he loses.

Cajun       1/22/2018