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Trump Digs a Hole for Himself Yet Again

CNN is reporting that story that Qatar, one of our best allies in the Middle East, was supporting terrorism was “fake news” was planted by Russian hackers.  As you will recall it was the accusation that Qatar has been supporting terrorism which caused six of our other Mid Eastern allies to cut diplomatic relationships with Qatar.
Is you might also be aware our biggest airbase in the Middle East which is used by our US Air Force to support air strikes against ISIS and other terror organizations is in Qatar so having our other allies in the Middle East at odds with Qatar put us in a very uncomfortable position.
Adding to that problem, Trump, attempting aggrandize himself yet again, took to Twitter to claim credit for leaders of Saudi Arabia and five other nations turning against Qatar – essentially throwing the Emir of Qatar under the bus.
Now we find out that it was all a Russian hoax. So Trump has again played by the Russians, but he has no one to blame but himself. He was so anxious to take credit that he did not deserve that he didn’t wait to discuss the matter with his intelligence leaders who probably had the information about the Russian hacks from the start. Of course they are probably not anxious to share sensitive intelligence data with Trump given his track record.
The have been other Presidents that I didn’t support in the past, but Trump is the first in my lifetime that has proved himself to be an ABSOLUTE MORON.
Cajun   6/6/17