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My Reply to a Trump Supporter Who Claims that the Muller’s Indictment of 13 Is a Victory

Rather than being scared to death of the recent announcement that the Muller investigation has issued indictments against 13 Russians for trying to undermine our democracy, some Trump supporters took to the offense Facebook, posting “See, there’s no evidence in the indictments of collusion – this proves that Trump was not involved.” I didn’t want my reply to one of those posts to be lost in the weeds so I’m posting it here:

“What a bunch of cr@p you spew dude! First of all, these indictments prove that the Muller investigation is not a hoax or “Fake News” as Trump has proclaimed it to be time and time again. It also proves that the Russians were doing everything possible to help Trump win – that means that the Russians who are trying to attack our nation are YOUR ALLIES. Also these incitements also make it almost impossible for Trump to fire Muller or Rosenstein, so you can forget those possibilities. In addition, you are correct that THIS set of indictments did not involve Trump or his campaign staff directly, but that is only in this THIS set of indictments. The Muller investigation is alive and well and it is clear now that it isn’t going away anytime soon. We will see who is named in the NEXT indictments.”

For good measure I threw this reply in later to illustrate that you can’t tell the difference between a true Trump supporter and a Russian agent posting on Trump’s behalf:

“Seriously, how do we know that you’re not a Russian agent?  Your Facebook timeline fits the profile. You have posted thousands of times since just January and almost every post is an effort to support Trump or tear down anyone who dares to oppose him. You obviously have nothing else to do with your time and your Facebook timeline fits the profile of someone being paid to post. Either that or you are obsessed with the subject in a very unhealthy manner. Which is it?”

Later, when the Trump supporter replied in all caps that I was crazy, I offered this remark:

“Aw shucks, you’ve got yourself worked up into a lather dude. I was only pointing out that there is no difference in your posts and those of Russian agents attempting to support Trump. The contents of those posts are the same. How does it feel to find yourself allied with proven enemies of our country?”

The political wars continue social media, but how do we really know that we are not dealing with Russian agents.

Cajun    2/16/2018