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Merry Christmas everyone!

To all of my friends in internet land, it’s been a …. an interesting year. We have been through a lot and much which we believed and fought for did not materialize. A strange and most unlikely combination events, probably never to be seen again, dashed our hopes, but we are not defeated, not by a long shot.

Donald Trump will be inaugurated with the lowest approval ratings in memory, and I firmly believe that within at most a year and a half his favorability ratings will be approaching rock bottom for any American President in history. Given the difficult situation we face in the Senate in 2018, normally I would not give Democrats a chance to retake that chamber. However, the more I see Republican Senator and House members embracing Trump, the more hopeful I get that both the House and the Senate will be within your reach.

Nest time around in 2020 Don the Con will have a record which he will not be able to lie about effectively. We lost an important battle, and we will pay dearly the next four years, but not the war, and ultimately the demographics are our side. Trump or no Trump, I personally intend to have a happy New Year and I wish each of you the same.