Boycott Your Local Sinclair Owned TV Station

Sinclair Broadcasting Group is in the process of turning the news departments of the over 200 local TV stations they own into propaganda outlets for the Trump administration and the Republican party, And they are depending on you to not care enough to do anything about it.

If you are not yet knowledgeable about the situation, you can read about it in a previous article – click here.

Our democracy cannot survive intact if we allow TV outlets to spew propaganda like the news media in authoritarian controlled nations such as Russia and China regardless of who is furnishing the propaganda. We must resist!

Click here and scroll down for a list where you can find which if any of your local TV stations are owned my Sinclair.  Then please contact the management of your local Sinclair owned station and inform them you are boycotting their news programing and businesses that advertise on those programs.  Then contact the advertisers as well.  (Much of a local station’s revenue comes from the advertisements on their newscasts.) If you would like you can also boycott the station’s regular programing as well.

It will also be useful to notify Sinclair’s corporate office about your boycott as well.  If your intend to boycott the stations regular programing as well, you will need to notify the supplier of that programing – ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

You can also find your other inventive ways to protests as well.  What we can’t do is sit back and do nothing.

Cajun   10/27/2018


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