Another Mass Shooting – When Will We Have the Guts to Properly Respond

This morning a friend of mine entered a Facebook post about the shooting which involved the Congressional baseball team.  Someone else replied with a post containing the sentence,  “Stricter gun laws obviously don’t work.”  Thinking there was nothing obvious, or even truthful in that statement I replied:

“Stricter gun laws don’t work?  Hmmm…. perhaps if there were federal  laws forbidding the sale and ownership of fire arms which can accommodate magazines containing large amounts of ammunition these crazy people wouldn’t be be as dangerous. I will be willing to bet that the shooter in this case was equipped with a a rifle equipped with large ammunition magazines or else he wouldn’t have been able to get off the 50 or 100 rounds reported. The brave Capital Hill police armed with pistols were obviously out gunned and that probably contributed to their injuries.

Don’t tell me that anyone needs that kind of weapon to hunt or defend their homes. Yes, we have the right to ‘bear arms’ but there are limitations. For instance we don’t have the right as private citizens to own 50 caliber heavy machine guns or own our own fully functioning tanks.  Why not enact common sense laws which will further protect the general public and our police from people who wish to inflict great harm. Let’s get military style assault weapons with large magazines out of the hands of the general public and thus out of the hands of the crazies and would be terrorists.

Note that in Britain, where guns are much more difficult to obtain, terrorist recently resorted to using knives instead of guns to attack people after they drove their vehicle into a crowd. Just think of how many more people the three terrorists involved in the recent attack in London could have killed if they had been equipped with assault rifles instead of knives.  Look back at the recent mass shootings in our country and what you will consistently find in the use of assault rifles.  That’s no coincidence, they are using the weapons which allow them to kill the most people in the shortest amount of time. Forbidding the sale and ownership of fire arms which can accommodate magazines which can hold large amounts of ammunition would make crazy people and internet inspired would be terrorists in this country much less dangerous.

Cajun     6/14/17


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