Along with Freedom of Speech Comes Responsibility for our Words

At the Democratic National convention I heard some of the best speeches of my lifetime  given by gifted orators such as Michelle Obama, Cory Booker, Joe Biden and the President himself.   Deep in the background of many of these great speeches one could hear the tinny chanting of a few disgruntled  Sanders supporters  doing their best to interrupt those speeches.
On line I see that the principle of freedom speech is being used by other Sanders supporters to defend those did their best to disrupt the convention. That argument falls flat be cause no one is questioning their right to make asses of themselves.

People should be able act like an idiots and try to disrupt some of the most important speeches of our lifetimes by extremely well respected public servants trying to convince the American people not to make the tragic mistake of putting Donald Trump in the White House.

I don’t question the disruptivers’ rights to express their views, I question their judgement, I question their timing, I question their willingness to try to suppress the right of self expression of others, and I question their selfishness in believing that their personal resentment of the irreparable actions of others is more important than the needs of their country.

Cajun     11/28/2016

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