A rant: I’m getting angry too!

(I posted response to claims made in the media that in this Presidential election cycle, the entire country is angry. It’s a rant – but it’s the way I feel right now – if it offends anyone, I apologize in advance.)

Most of the anger that exists is not fixated on the economic condition of the country. It has been a long road, but the country is finally getting back on an even keel economically. The employment rate is now back into the historically normal range. The underemployment rate is quickly improving. No longer are lower paying jobs the only new jobs coming open; good jobs have really started coming back as well. Average wages are rising for the first time in a decade.

So where is the anger coming from? That’s easy. It is coming from those dissatisfied with the political situation and strangely it is coming from those most responsible for that situation in the first place – the far right surely, but also the far left. These two groups seem intent in pulling their parties further to the extremes. Given the balance in our government mandated by our Constitution, this polarization means that little gets done in Washington, which in turn breeds more anger.

The groups of people that I see who are the most angry are relatively well off white liberals, Tea Party zealots, and the far right conservatives. However, the zealots on both the far left and the far right have more in common than just their anger.

The dissatisfaction on the political extremes on both sides is driven by political leaders who are constantly banging their drums and claiming that country is going to hell in a hand basket and that the system is rigged against normal people. Notice this is going on on both sides.

Both extremes represent a large very vocal minority of their respective parties and these groups are both determined to make up for what they lack in numbers with enthusiasm and shear determination.

Both are more inclined to pursue their ideals than to deal with problems common to us all.

Both claim they cannot compromise because to do so would betray their principles.

Both are dead set on nominating politicians who, for the most part, are unacceptable to those who will decide the Presidential election.

It is time for those of us in the realistic, rational, very wide ranging center of the political spectrum to get equally as dedicated to taking our country back from the angry extremist elements and nominate people who represent the reasonably sane people in this nation.

(Rant over)

Cajun 1/29/2016

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