A Message to the “Bernie or Bust” Crowd

How can I say this kindly – well, I guess I can’t so I will just come out with it – Hillary Clinton does not need the votes of the “Bernie or Bust” radicals. They can chose to not vote or go vote for the totally unqualified candidate of the Green Party and they won’t be missed. The reason, those radicals make up just a tiny part of the electorate. Most progressive voters who have been supporting Sanders, especially the young people, are clear thinking enough to realize that Hillary is by far the better alternative than Trump. And Sanders will encourage them to support Clinton.

They will support the Democratic nominee if for no other reason than the next President will appoint at least one pivotal Supreme Court Justice and will likely nominate as many as three, setting up the nation’s highest court with progressive principles for the next 20 years.

Any progressive that is willing to let Trump make those nominations is a self serving idiot who cares more about his/her political “purity’ than those among us who are not able to defend themselves. That my friends would be the abandonment of the first and most important principal of progressives – protect others less fortunate than ourselves.

Cajun    6/4/2016

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