I Am Tired of Looking at Trump’s Ugly Face

It seems like every place I look I see a picture of Donald Trump.  Rarely is it the same picture.  I think that I have seen pictures of him plastered about with every possible expression known man.  I’ll give him one thing; he certainly has an expressive face.  I know that to a large extent it’s my fault.  I frequent a large number of what I call “I hate Trump” Facebook group pages and nearly every one of them has at least one picture of Trump with some goofy expression or another.  And of course many of the articles people post on those pages have pictures of Trump as well.

I am experiencing what only can be described is Trump facial overload.  I can’t seem to get away from still pictures of him on TV as well, or worse, actual video clips of him recorded or shown in real time.  Again, this is to a large extent my fault.  My favorite TV channel is CNN because I love to learn how Trump has screwed himself yet again with tweets brought on by his narcissistic personality and his uncontrollable compulsive urges.  It also does my heart good to hear normally objective, restrained reporters and political analysts describe Trump’s latest antics in an exasperated and totally uncomplimentary manner.  However, to get this fix I have to endure a nearly endless parade of disgusting Trump images.

And it’s not like Trump’s pictures are easy on the eyes. Every time I see a picture of him I have to check to see if I am getting a little nauseous.  Of course, I have to admit that I probably can’t disconnect his actual image with my disgusting mental image of his soul.  But where on earth do the men in the Trump family go to have their hair styled?  You can bet it isn’t their neighborhood barber shop. Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric all have hairstyles that I wouldn’t be dead caught wearing in public even if I suddenly was given enough hair on my head wear them.  And please note I lost my most of my hair a long time ago.  Doesn’t Donald senior know his bouffant hairstyle looks like a wig or comb over that would look silly on a man half his age?

Look, I know that I can’t be the only one suffering from Trump image overload, so why don’t we all do what we can to deal with this situation.  Please, if you own a Facebook page, don’t put a picture of Donald Trump right up front even if the title of your group is “F U Trump”.  If you publish a blog, please don’t put his pictures in your articles.  If you feel an absolute need to display an image of the man, why not pick an unflattering cartoon of SOB instead. Not only would you be helping those of us with Trump overload symptoms, you would sticking it to the man himself.  All of his life Trump has been starved for attention.  Don’t you think he loves having his mug is plastered all over creation?

Cajun   6/27/17