Random comments on Clinton’s email server

The server which Hillary Clinton used was installed by a State Department employee from their IT organization. My understanding Is that the server was installed using the same or better security measures than those which are installed the State Department official email servers.

The State Department regulations  governing emails are contained in 346 locations in 13 of the 16 thick volumes of State Department regulations which would take weeks to read.  Needless to say no one but the person(s) who wrote those regulations and the Inspector General have read them.    The State Departments IT system is so antiquated that for years most State Departments have used their own email accounts to do business. That list includes former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condalisa Rice, and early on, John Kerry.

What most people don’t realize is that the State Department has two sets of email servers, one set for classified information and another for unclassified, less sensitive traffic.  While a few of thousands of Hillary’s emails classified retroactively, Hillarary’s server was used only for unclassified emails.

While many US government servers have been hacked, including some belonging to the Department of Defense, according to the security logs of the server there were hacking attempts on Hillary server, but none of them were successful.   Perhaps the most ironic aspect of this case is that the State Departments servers used for unclassified emails have been hacked numerous times and hackers  have downloaded reams State Department email documents. The system was a virtual sieve.

As an IT professional myself, I’m not surprised. Most of the hacking done on servers is performed using a technique called human engineering. That is tricking people into revealing their passwords, etc. Obviously the more people using a server, the easier it is to breach its security using this methodology. When server is owned and used by one person, obviously human engineering doesn’t work very well

By the way the reason why the employee who set up and maintained Clinton’s server didn’t want to talk to the Feds without immunity was because he wasn’t exactly forthcoming about what Hillary paid him for his work on his taxes. So his lawyer strongly suggested that he not talk with the FBI about his work for Clinton without immunity from prosecution for his tax problems. It was never about his fear of prosecution for anything he did for Clinton. That’s why Hillary has been urging him to tell everything he knew from the start.

Cajun     5/29/16