Alternate Thanksgiving List – the Political Edition

Hopefully we all have traditional things for which we can be thankful this Thanksgiving weekend – health, family, friends, etc., and I see no reason why you would be particularly interested in my normal Thanksgiving list. Instead I have compiled a list of things for which I hope we can all give thanks:

We can be thankful that John McCain is not our President. Think back about how many times in the last six years he has said that we must be far more aggressive in the use of our military to secure our foreign policy objectives. Heavens knows how many of our soldiers he would have fighting in foreign wars by now.

We can be thankful that McCain nominated Sara Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate and we can be especially thankful that Palin couldn’t keep her mouth shut once nominated. What better example could the American people have had of McCain’s decision making skills or lack thereof?

We can also be thankful that McCain and Palin did not win. Can you imagine Palin and her redneck crew attending functions all over the world where alcohol is served as America’s second family?

We can be thankful that Mitt Romney was able to demonstrate early on that that he was willing tell any lie in order to get elected. It is hard to imagine the one percent with any more power than they presently have in this country.

We can be thankful that there will always be the occasional Republican nominee for some office who will be too stupid to realize that saying out load what he is really thinking will reveal yet again why women would be nuts to vote for Republicans.

We can be thankful that Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and others will take positions so far to the right in the upcoming Republican primaries in order to please the party’s ultra conservative base that the rest of the Republican Presidential field will have no choice but to follow suit. This will make the eventual Republican nominee unelectable.

We can be thankful that our founding fathers were not the conservative idiots that the Tea Party zealots would have you believe.

And lastly we can be thankful that that Republican’s ultra conservative base will not allow their party to shake free of its untenable positions on women’s issues, immigration, etc. which will make it very difficult its politicians to win national elections for the foreseeable future.

Cajun   11/30/14