The Ukraine Crisis – An Open Letter to John McCain

Today I left the following message for John McCain on his official website:

“Like you, I am veteran of the Vietnam War.  I was an Strategic Air Command Aircraft Maintenance Officer whose people maintained B52-G’s and KC135’s.  I was stationed Anderson AFB on Guam during the war.  There I was a Job Control Officer and my people directed the all of the maintenance on the almost 200 B52-D’s and B2-G’s which flew sorties over Vietnam from island.  I was also heavily involved in the preparations the “Eleven Day War” and the continuing maintenance of the B52’s which flew off of Guam during that engagement.  I am writing this because I want you to understand that we have some things in common and to explain why I have always had a special respect you and your service to our country.

I also wanted you to understand why I was so disappointed in you today.  Anxious for the latest news of the situation in the Ukraine I spent quite a bit of time today watching CNN’s coverage of the crisis.  CNN is viewed around the world and you can be sure it is monitored by the Russian government.  Several times today CNN ran a clip of you criticizing President of the United States and insinuating that he is too week to handle this crisis properly.  Shame on you!  You are better than that!  In middle of serious crisis like this one it is not a time to be taking cheap political shots.  Even if you were simply stating your true, heart felt beliefs; you need to temper your public comments on this situation like this one.

Our public officials should not be sending out mixed messages which Putin can easily misinterpret.  If you or other Senators and Representatives disagree with the President, these differences should be discussed beyond close doors.  Regardless of the outcome of those discussions, everyone representing our government should speak with a single. Strong, unified voice which the Russians cannot misunderstand.  Putin is sure to interpret any public disagreements among ourselves as a weakness to be exploited.