Did You Make an Exercise New Year’s Resolution?

If you are among the many people who made a New Year’s resolution to become more physically fit during the coming year, you should know in advance that very few who make this promise to themselves will be successful.  The odds are very much against you.  I am a fairly dedicated “gym rat” and over many years I have seen the number of folks in exercise facilities swell in early January as new members attempt to put their vows to begin an exercise program into action.  However, by early March most of the “New Year’s resolutioners”, as I call them, will be gone, having totally abandoned, at least temporarily, their commitment to a better life style..

Early this year I wrote a post which I hope will give those who make fitness promises to themselves a better chance to successfully make exercising a permanent part of their lives.  If you would like tor read that article you can find it in this blog’s August archives or you can simply copy and paste the following link into your browser:   http://www.cajunscomments.com/2013/08/

Good luck with your exercise program.

Cajun, 1/8/2014.