Do you expect a candidate or office holder to agree with you on every issue?

Do you expect a candidate or office holder to agree with you on every issue? If so you are delusional. It is rare that any two people agree on every issue unless they have not been thinking for themselves and have both been accepting the opinions of others without due consideration. That kind of group think is almost cultist in its nature and is not what I consider rational.

If you do disagree with a candidate or office holder on a issue, what makes you think you are right and the candidate or office holder is wrong? For instance, let’s say you disagree with the President Obama’s stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Are you an expert on international trade so that you know for certain that TPP is going to be bad for the country? Do you really understand all of agreement’s provisions and protections for local workers? Or are your beliefs based on what you have been told by others who maybe similarly ignorant of international trade agreements and their consequences. I am not arguing for TTP here; I am simply pointing out that our stances on issues are often based on hearsay and unfounded assumptions, not facts and well thought out conclusions.

In an election, the only thing that makes sense is to determine which electable candidate comes closest to agreeing with you on the entire range of issues that care about and then do your best to insure that that candidate is elected.
Cajun     8/16/16


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